Reels are short videos. For now, they are the top way to grow on Instagram. The algorithm is favoring shorter reels, around 7-15 seconds. You can occasionally make longer ones up to 90 seconds. Try 1 to 3 reels daily with a longer one once per week. 

Currently, original content that is not trending is being pushed by the algorithm. The overall trend on social media is about authenticity so this fits with that. 

Remember that you need to hook people in within the first second or two. Look at what grabs the attention of your audience and use that. 

What is our process to create a reel?

  1. Start with a storyboard

What do you want to say? What is your primary message? Knowing what you want to say before you film or create your reel will help with the process. You don’t need a full script if recording but an outline will help. 

2. Filming/Asset Acquirement

Depending on what is going into your reel the next step is to film or create your content or find the content you are going to repurpose. 

3. Preview and Add Effects

Once you have your assets,  add the extra touches like music and effects. You can also trim your reel now. 

4. Share Instagram Reel

Finally, it’s time to share your reel on Instagram! You can share it on your feed or as a story. You can also use relevant hashtags and tagging to get more eyes on your content.

What are some types of reels you can create? 

Some of these will also save you time because you are repurposing old content. 

  1. Organic Reels – these are simple talk-to-the-camera reels. The tip is to have a strong hook in the first 2 seconds and to keep them for 30 seconds or less. Add captions and change up the scene behind you to keep them fresh.
  2. Repost top-performing content. If you already have content that has done well consider sharing it again. 
  3. Quote reels – use stock video as a background and use a quote from another social channel like Twitter. Screenshot the quote put it over the video background and add some trending music.
  4. Repurpose your long form content. Do you have longer videos or blog posts? Cut them down into bit-sized pieces for 30 seconds. Remember that reels can also have captions and they don’t have to be short. 
  5. Do remix reels. These are reels where you film yourself reacting to someone else’s video. Use a split screen to show the original piece and your reaction to it. 

Top Reels Tips

  • When starting out post 1 – 3 reels daily. If you already have an audience you can post daily or a few times per week. 
  • Most reels should be 7-15 seconds long. Once a week you can post a longer one up to 90 seconds. 
  • Original content is preferred. If doing two a day make one original and the other can follow a trend if you desire. 
  • Put a call to action on your reel. Make sure you direct your followers to where you want them – your bio, website etc. 
  • If using voice on your reel then add captions. 

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